Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Canadian Real Estate Review - Kamloops Real Estate - March 2009 Review

Real estate sales in Kamloops did increase by 76% in March compared to February. The median prices in the Kamloops area increased to $304,250. That’s an $8,250 increase.

Sales were up in the $360 - $399,000 range, doubling to 19 sales in March. In the $400 - $439,000 range, sales increased by 5 times the amount in February. These two real estate price ranges are generally the first to be affected by a slower economy. Constant sales in the $200 - $319,000 range were achieved. That price range represented more than 50% of the overall sales in March.

The largest increase in Kamloops real estate sales came from the Aberdeen area, increasing from 5 to 18. Other areas in Kamloops including South Kamloops and Westsyde increased to 17 sales, while the North Shore and Brocklehurst areas also contributed.

Sales for residential homes in Kamloops increased by 60% while sales for townhouses and apartments doubled.

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Yaletown said...

A 76% increase is huge, it's good to see things are picking up again in the BC Real Estate market.