Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Nation Wide FSBO Company Is Expanding Efforts In Western Canada

A nation wide FSBO company is expanding efforts in Western Canada, at twice the price of Snap Up Real Estate. Canadian real estate is currently home to many 'for sale by owner' companies, DuProprio is one of the largest.

DuProprio has representatives in the Maritimes, Manitoba and B.C., but is waiting before jumping into Alberta, where two competitors are already active. Online services and are active in several Canadian provinces. For sellers, the website works like this: they pay a flat fee up front that varies according to location and type of property. The average fee is $400. (This will rise to $500 next year.) That fee buys sellers a website listing of six months to one year, depending on the type of property, and photos taken by a professional.Sellers get a customized poster for their lawn and online tools to help them write a description, prepare their home for sale and negotiate. A DuProprio sales representative visits about 90 per cent of clients to help set up a listing. Bouchard and his team talk to clients and the public through their blog. Article.

The expansion of 'For Sale By Owner' real estate transactions is growing, which is good for economic diversity.

Friday, November 16, 2007

By All Accounts Real Estate In Canada Will Not Follow The Dismal Path Of US Real Estate

By all accounts real estate in Canada will not follow the dismal path of US Real Estate. Financial analysts at TD have projected healthy growth in Canadian real estate for the next 25 years. As well the same firm reports Canada in unlikely to have mortgage trouble like the US., a huge, but newer, US real estate website has inked deals with several newspapers on advertising ventures. Full article.

Snap Up Real Estate Has A New Premium Listing In Nova Scotia

Snap Up Real Estate has a new premium listing in Nova Scotia. Real Estate in Nova Scotia is some of the most affordable in Canada, and this property is no different. Nova Scotia is one of the oldest settled areas of Canada, communities are well established and locals are renowned for their friendliness. Check out the full property details --> Nine Mile River Real Estate For Sale.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Real Estate In Canada Is Slowing Down, But We Will Not See The Crash Some Regional Markets In The US Experienced

Real estate in Canada is slowing down, but we will not see the crash some regional markets in the US experienced.

Industry insiders are reporting that Canadian real estate will not be adversely affected by the high dollar or the poor US real estate market. Also check the Canadian market update by CNW Group News.

Condo high rises are still a big hit with Vancouver real estate investors. A recent high rise in Surrey sold out in 30 hours, setting a new record.

Condo buyers have set a new speed record in real estate sales in the Lower Mainland by snapping up all 901 units in a Surrey high-rise development in just 30 hours.

A record 545 units in the Sky Towers development were sold last Saturday, beating the previous one-day sale record of 536 sold at the Woodward's development in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in April, 2006.

The final 356 condos sold on Sunday for prices starting at $179,900, half the cost of similar units in Vancouver, with total sales for the weekend reaching $280-million.

Sky Towers, which includes two high-rises of 36- and 40-storeys, will be the tallest of their type between Vancouver and Calgary. The project is being built by Korean developer Hee Yong Yang and is his second complex in the area. Mr. Yang, the founder of a 2,000-outlet fried-chicken franchise in South Korea, moved to Vancouver with his family in 2002.

Globe and mail has the story.