Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Optimism in the Kamloops Real Estate Market for April 2009

Sales in the Kamloops real estate market increased by 30% in April. In the $300 - $399,000 range, sales increased from 11 to 27. The $240 - $279,000 real estate range had 31 sales compared to 8 in March. Even the $600,000 and above price range had 6 sales.

The median price for KADREA real estate also increased to $307,000. The actual real estate median price in Kamloops increased from $315,000 to $332,000.

Sahali had the largest increase in sales from 14 to 24. Bachelor Heights, Aberdeen, Brocklehurst, the North Shore, and Barnhartvale contributed to the overall sales increase in the Kamloops area.

Apartment real estate property listings doubled to 102 in April.


commercial real estate said...

that's nice..those increase are good for real estate market..

Anonymous said...

Cyclical! Of course they went up from March to April. You know what else went up in March to April? The temperature, clearly we can correlate that to ever increasing prices? Bottom? We haven't even started to crater...quote year over year numbers and quit misleading the masses (although that is your job).

adrin said...

Hi.. this really a good news for real estate.

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