Monday, July 21, 2008

US Bargain Real Estate

Some experts area sating that USA real estate is going to get even cheaper.

Attention, real estate shoppers: the entire U.S. sunbelt is now officially on sale. Prices in many areas of Florida, Arizona, Nevada and California have dropped 40 per cent from their peaks of a couple of years ago, to the point where the deals seem nearly too good to be true. In Naples, Fla., a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that sold for $350,000 in 2007 is on the market for only $200,000. A starter home in Sacramento, Calif., that sold for $215,000 in 2004, is on offer for a mere $129,000. And remember: these aren't sale prices. They're asking prices. Article.

This means that in a couple of years your average Albertan can sell there home in Edmonton or Calgary for $500K, then move to sunny California and buy a home for $100K. This is an exaggeration of course, but if the trend continues any longer that 2012 it will be the reality.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Estate In Canada Is Continuing Its Cooling Trend

Canadian Real Estate is not in the same state as prices to the south of the border, but concern is mounting. Prices are still increasing in Canada, but softer markets in Alberta and British Columbia are blamed for the slowdown in increases.

New house prices rose in May at their slowest pace in almost six years, a further sign that Canada's real estate market is cooling, particularly in Alberta and British Columbia.

Prices rose 4.1 per cent in May from a year earlier, down from 5.2 per cent in April and the weakest since the 4 per cent registered in July, 2002, Statistics Canada said Friday.

On a monthly basis, prices remained unchanged between April and May.

Statscan said the May showing continued “a deceleration that started in September, 2006, due mainly to the softening market in Alberta and British Columbia.”

Saskatchewan continued to see the biggest increases. In Regina, for example, home prices rose 30.4 per cent, and in Saskatoon 30.2 per cent. Still, Statscan noted, Regina's showing slipped from 34 per cent in April and Saskatoon's from February's record 58.3 per cent.

In Alberta and British Columbia, the impact was noticeable.

The Price Of Thunder Bay, ON Real Estate Is On The Rise

The price of Thunder Bay real estate is on the rise. Traditionally the city was home to some of the most affordable homes in the country, but market conditions have changed and prices are climbing.

The president of the Thunder Bay Real Estate Board says home prices in the city are up four to five percent from last year and the shortage of homes on the market is largely responsible.

John Litt says the average price for a house in Thunder Bay right now is in the $120,000 range and people who already have houses seem to be content with what they have and are sitting tight.

So it's the best of times of times and the worst of times depending on whether you are trying to buy or trying to sell a home.

Thunder Bay's housing market has become a major seller's marketplace and those looking to buy a house are finding a lack of good, affordable homes or are encountering an all-out bidding war or must rush to close a deal. And with market analysts predicting current trends to continue, that's forcing prospective buyers to think later or be left in the dust.