Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year, For Most Of You Anyway

It is the New Year, and may it be a happy one for all. Property owners can start the new year with a little excitement in their mailbox. The 2007 property assessment for the Province of British Columbia are here. For some the thrill is so see how many thousands below market value they paid for their recent real estate purchases. For others the hope is that the assessment will one day equal the money paid. Personally I found that the assessment of my home increased about 12%, but still is not equal to the price I paid. Where I live this is the norm, sale prices are higher than assessed value. I also found out that my neighbor, who has the exact same home plan, build date, and builder, has an assessment of about 15K less than me. I guess that finished basement make the difference. You can also find out how the assessment authority comes up with their numbers.
How Do They Set The Values?
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