Friday, October 06, 2006

Tools You Can Use For Buying And Selling Real Estate

John T. Reed has reviews of real estate investment gurus from Abalos to Young. Some gurus are labeled as useful, while most are given the heave into the useless pile. One investment guru, Russ Whitney, draws particular ire from Reed, as he dedicates an entire site to him.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators are a very useful tool. They can tell you what you payments would be, how much money you need to make to afford a particular home, and your Debt Service Ratio. Use caution as the answers can be unsettling.


Renovating homes is a very popular way to make a dingy house or condo look new again. Of course you must be wary of the 'bad contractor'. Offers advice on how to pick a good contractor and where to find one.

High End Real Estate

Virani Real Estate advisors specialize in high end real estate in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland market. Their website is fantastic, with endless pictures, and scads of million plus featured real estate. Check the site out and drool over what you would buy for 5 million.

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