Friday, September 29, 2006

A Quick Glance At Real Estate Markets

Real estate in Australia often shows what trends will happen in the US, as they have been the global leader since 2000. Australian real estate has not had its 'bubble burst', as most expect is happening in the US. The US may only slide a little as they step up the 'War on Terror'

Canada - Ottawa
Ottawa, and all of Ontario, has a very stable real estate environment, as the home of the country's capital should. An average home sells for less than $300,000 and the government will always we around to provide steady jobs. 'Canada's housing market is likely to outperform the
American market through 2007'.

Canada - Vancouver
Real estate in Vancouver is insane. You need to make over $100,000 per year to buy a decent place to live. The Globe and Mail took a regular couple who is interested in buying a home and broke down their finances, and possibly their spirits. The couple is a doctor and a teacher, and in the end they cannot afford to buy in the current market.

US - Andre Agassi
Andre and Steffi have decided to spend their millions instead of living the easy life. Agassi Graf Development LLC plans to develop a luxury ski resort in Idaho. They plan to sell one beroom condo's for $800,000 a piece. That is more than Whistler, the site of 2010 Olympics. Good luck to them.

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