Thursday, June 05, 2008

Real Estate Is Falling Off In Most Of Canada, But Saskatchewan Is Still Flying

Real Estate is falling off in most of Canada, but Saskatchewan is still flying. Property that was once hard to give away is now being sold to the highest bidder, and the bids are high. Great deals can still be found on vacation property in Saskatchewan if you look. Try these building lots for sale near Esterhazy, SK at $50K a pop.

...view of Round Lake and a north view of the Qu'Appelle Valley hills. A Lilac hedge borders the south side of each parcel and the north side is bordered by Ash. Frontages range from 240 ft, to 325 ft. with depths of 150 to 250 ft. The parcels are flat, accessed by pavement, have access to power, natural gas, telephone, septic tanks and private well. View the original listing with pictures.

If the BC coast is more your flavour check out this condo in Sechelt. It has all the space you will need, plus views of the ocean and a place for your boat.


Saskatchewan Real Estate said...

The smaller cities in Saskatchewan still have great real estate investment potential. Take Melfort for instance: with the possibility of the largest diamond mine in the world opening up just 45 minutes away, current real estate prices appear to be a steal.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, northern Saskatchewan resort areas are booming, take Candle Lake for instance and rising behind that with still reasonable investments is Denare Beach, Sk