Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Canadian Real Estate Is Not On The Same Path As The US

Do not be afraid of what is happening in the US with regards to real estate, Canada is not the same economic environment. Canadian real estate can expect to stay much stronger than the faltering US sector.

Canada's real estate sector fundamentals are stronger than those in the U.S., said Ed Boomer, managing director of Canadian operations for U.S.-based shopping centre owner and operator Kimco Realty Corp.

"I don't think we're becoming anxious about the Canadian real estate market," he said. "If you're a well-placed, cash-based opportunistic player I think you can do very well."
Some areas of weakness include hard-hit manufacturing centres, where industrial and retail properties may not be the best assets to invest in, Mr. Boomer said.

US real estate is being hit hard with problems in the financial sector. In the next 36 months the US is going to see a very high mortgage default rate, making many properties available for cheap, this will not be the case in Canada.

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MyBuilder said...

This is very true, look at me in the US looking at Canadian Real Estate Blogs. With our falling dollar and poor economy there are some real deals here, Unfortunately our business has suffered and I am forced to sell also.