Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Nation Wide FSBO Company Is Expanding Efforts In Western Canada

A nation wide FSBO company is expanding efforts in Western Canada, at twice the price of Snap Up Real Estate. Canadian real estate is currently home to many 'for sale by owner' companies, DuProprio is one of the largest.

DuProprio has representatives in the Maritimes, Manitoba and B.C., but is waiting before jumping into Alberta, where two competitors are already active. Online services and are active in several Canadian provinces. For sellers, the website works like this: they pay a flat fee up front that varies according to location and type of property. The average fee is $400. (This will rise to $500 next year.) That fee buys sellers a website listing of six months to one year, depending on the type of property, and photos taken by a professional.Sellers get a customized poster for their lawn and online tools to help them write a description, prepare their home for sale and negotiate. A DuProprio sales representative visits about 90 per cent of clients to help set up a listing. Bouchard and his team talk to clients and the public through their blog. Article.

The expansion of 'For Sale By Owner' real estate transactions is growing, which is good for economic diversity.