Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Victoria, BC Real Estate Market Has Been Compared To Calgary's For It's Upward Trends

It seems as though Real Estate in Canada has not been changed by the slowdown in the US housing market, or the rise in the CDN dollar. The Victoria, BC real estate market has been compared to Calgary's for it's upward trends. Article.

People are willing to pay extra for 'green' homes. Good on you real estate buyers, but is it really greener? Article.

Pro athletes have tonnes of money, so real estate investing is easy for them right. Article.

The change in US real estate trends has made for a buyers market in many states and regions. One great place to invest would be Florida. They are overstocked, but not under priced. Yet.

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gratitudo said...

Agreed. Good post.

I am the principal of a US-based real estate investment company that invests in apartments (25-150 units) in California, Arizona, and Texas and we are finding tremendous opportunities for our clients, especially Canadians (because of the strength of the loonie).