Thursday, May 03, 2007

Real Estate Is Still On The Climb

An industry expert from CIBC has predicted that there will be no housing collapse in Canada. In fact, the prediction is that housing values will increase by double in the next 20 years. This is good news for all those Realtors out there, and not so good for people waiting to clean up on the burst real estate bubble. Canada's West (BC, AB, SK, MB) are expected to keep the economy and housing going strong with the rising energy prices.

The impending decline and fall of the Canadian residential real estate market -- as fearlessly forecast by the Baby Boom watchers -- can be summed up in four simple words: "Much ado about nothing."

This wasn't Shakespeare talking, but CIBC World Markets economist Benjamin Tal.

Tal crunched the numbers and found the house price scare when the boomers become empty nesters and downsize as "highly exaggerated."

To the contrary, Tal is predicting that instead of fading "house prices in Canada are more likely to double in the coming 20 years."


With the rise in real estate prices the Catholic Church of Halifax has decided to cash in and sell some very sought after property near the downtown core. The church says the money will be put into church education. FULL ARTICLE

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