Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Real Estate For Sale Signs

A Vancouver firm now offers FM radio for real estate. How it works: a low power FM frequency is broadcasted from the property that is for sale, a talking for sale sign. When people are driving by they can here about the home or condo while sitting in their car. The radio station only broadcasts for a one block radius. This has proven particularly useful for condo building that do not allow realtor signs.

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Real estate radio hits the airwaves in Vancouver

Updated Tue. Apr. 10 2007 2:10 PM ET News Staff
A new radio station is on the air in Vancouver but you won't hear any pop music or the local news.

Instead, SellFM broadcasts real estate information about properties for sale using their 'Talking sign' feature.

The 'For Sale' sign on the property directs people to a radio frequency where, using an FM transmitter, information about a property is broadcast.

For potential home and condo buyers driving by, all they need is an FM radio.

"They drive by the house and they get the information right away. They don't have to call me, go back home and look it up on the internet," said realtor Rick Stonehouse, who came up with the idea alongside entrepreneur Riel Roussopolos.

In his studio, Roussopolos creates a custom tailored commercial for each home, adding music and suitable sound effects.

"This is 70-year-old technology for the most part," he said.

"The only confusion is that people think it's a radio station all over the place so we are adding stuff to the sign that says one-block radius only."

Stonehouse said the biggest benefit is for condo sellers in the city's downtown core.

We're "putting it in apartment buildings in downtown where they don't allow signs," said Stonehouse. "(People) drive by and listen to the listings selling in that building."

David Coates sold his home in two weeks after three open houses and the use of the FM transmitter.

"It's hard to say whether an FM transmitter broadcasting from the house got us thousands of dollars more," said Coates. Either way, Coates is satisfied as his home sold for $69,000 more than its original asking price.

With a report from CTV's Heron Hanuman in Vancouver


NonyMous said...

Hey Snap Up
Great Blog...and interesting article. I have not seen this happen..not in surrey at least...but it sounds quite interesting.
P.S. Hope you dont mind but i added your blog as a link on my blog !

Snap Up Real Estate said...

I have no problem with people linking my blog to their site. Thanks for checking in.

Riel Roussopoulos said...

Hey thanks for mentioning this story on your website.

We're growing very quickly as a result of the media attention that we've been getting.

It's nice to see that some of the bloggers are picking up on this story.

I've linked both the CBC story and the CTV feature that was done about us on our site at :

Feel free to tell any agents in surrey that we'd be happy to help them set up their own talking signs for listings in their area.

Thanks again for the mention.


For Sale Sign said...

I saw one that said 'Talking House' - it was a little creepy