Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Real Estate Fraud Is Real

This article from CNNMatthews shows how real estate fraud has become an important issue to think about when selling or buying real estate.

Some Calgary homeowners will find "Stolen/Not for Sale" signs in their front lawns later this week as part of a Fraud Awareness Month event being staged to warn homeowners that the coming busy real estate season can be a breeding ground for real estate scams, often averaging as much as $300,000 per case.

The event will take place on Thursday in the neighbourhood of Parkhill/Stanley Park involving Consumers Council of Canada, leading title insurer First Canadian Title, and real estate fraud victim Susan Lawrence. Lawrence's home was "stolen" in the Toronto area in early 2006 after she put a For Sale sign on her front lawn and identity thieves took out a fraudulent mortgage on her home for almost $300,000.

The group will be conducting similar events in neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto over the next few days to call on homeowners to be more vigilant in the fight against real estate fraud, particularly around the busy real estate season. The events are also extending a challenge to business, law enforcement and consumer groups to join together in the fight against fraud.

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