Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What Can You Do To Reduce Debt?

In order to buy a house most of us need a mortgage. With a mortgage comes interest. Over the 25 or 30 years that you are making mortgage payments you may pay for your home several times over because of interest. It is not something we like to think about, because it feels like throwing money away. I have found a very interesting article on debt, and what we can do to get out from under it. On the other hand, paying rent every month feels like throwing money away as well. At least with a mortgage you have some equity in your home, and hopefully the home's value increases over time. So whether you choose to buy a home with a mortgage, or to rent. Be wise with your money. Currently in British Columbia the market has begun to cool off, so maybe more of you will be able to buy homes in the future.

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