Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What Would You Do With The Lottery 649 Winnings Of 42 Million?

That is how much the August 12 drawing is supposed to fetch.

There are several real estate options available to you. In the Kamloops, B.C. are you could spend a paltry 3 million on an estate is Westsyde. The compound consists of 12.75 acres, pool (of course), over 6500 sq/ft of living space, and that is just to start. Full property details are available.

If you intended to sink your winnings into the booming energy industry of Canada, then Calgary would be a good choice. In the Pumphill district of Calgary just under 5 million will get you a castle, with all the modern conveniences. This beauty was built in 1997 and boasts 8 bathrooms, indoor pool, and is an honest to goodness castle.

On the other hand, the center of the universe might be the best choice after a windfall like 42 million. In Toronto you could blow about a third of your winnings on a glass palace that comes in under 1 million per 1000 sq/ft. At 15 million your glass house would offer 18000 sq/ft of luxury including a pool, basketball court and a Family tower. Only pictures can explain what 15 million buys.

All of these properties sound fantastic and you can dream to your hearts content, or if you are in the mood for reality then try shopping for something on

Good luck to all you lotto aficionados.

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